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2400 W., from 7576 N. to 11856 S. This street is in West Ridge from Howard south to Bryn Mawr - ONLY

The City Council passed a lengthy ordinance January 14, 1895, rationalizing the street naming system. Western's southernmost end before this date was 4351 = 7030 and the northern end was 7108 (no equivalent in old numbering system).

This street is NOT listed in the 1895, 1897, 1901, 1902 Chicago Blue Book.

Western Avenue was once the western City Limits of Chicago.

South of West Ridge Addresses

4800 Block

4800 N. Western Avenue, Commercial National Bank of Chicago

West Ridge Addresses

5500 Block

5556 N. Western Avenue is where a traffic accident occurred in February 1990.

5700 Block

5736 N. Western Avenue, Al Mustafa Islamic Education Center

5900 Block

5940 N. Western Avenue, Nortown Olds,

6100 Block

6100 N. Western Avenue, Bob Waller Buick,

6116 N. Western Avenue was "Z" Frank Chevrolet.

6116 N. Western Avenue, People's Pontiac.

6300 Block

6301 N. Western Avenue, Monsoon Plaza

6310 N. Western Avenue was Millie's Beauty Salon, circa 1945.

6320 N. Western Avenue was the Nortown Theater.

6335 N. Western Avenue, United Central Bank

6345 N. Western Avenue was the Town Pump, a 1940s-1950s nightclub.

6353 N. Western Avenue, Western Printing

6400 Block

6421 N. Western Avenue, Farm City Food Market, March 1993.

6422 N. Western Avenue

6424 N. Western Avenue was the first home of the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society.

6445 N. Western Avenue is the Devon Bank.

6600 Block

6601 N. Western Avenue is Warren Park.

6800 Block

6800 N. Western Avenue, Theater Bowl.

6801 N. Western Avenue, 7-ELEVEN.

6821 N. Western Avenue was Flukey's

6844 N. Western Avenue, Frank's Barber Shop, (1952)

6900 Block

6900 N. Western Avenue, McDonald's, 2013.

6901 N. Western Avenue, was an unidentified record store, September 1974.

6917 N. Western Avenue, Schoeller's Spot Texaco Service Station, (1952)

6924 N. Western Avenue, Griesbach's Food Shop, (1952)

6934 N. Western Avenue, DLD Cafe and Grill

6942 N. Western Avenue, Larry Crump, Hardware, (1952)

6948 N. Western Avenue (rear), Al Backus, General Welding, (1952)

6948 N. Western Avenue, Western Tire & Supply Company, (1952)

6954 N. Western Avenue, Warmeis Chinese Hand Laundry, (1952)

6954 N. Western Avenue, Rub's Backcountry Smokehouse, (2013)

6958 N. Western Avenue, Indian Boundary Liquors, (1952)

6965 N. Western Avenue, Jerney Cleaners, (1952)

7000 Block

7000 N. Western Avenue, Bruch Pharmacy (1952)

7008 N. Western Avenue, Quality Grocery & Market, (1952)

7008-10 N. Western Avenue, Miller's Steak House.

7015 N. Western Avenue was 1st Chicago Bank

7046 N. Western Avenue was the home of Nick Thinnes and his family at in 1899.

7100 Block

7107 N. Western Avenue was a rented store where the new Bethesda Evangelical Lutheran Church, of Chicago congregation first worshiped in October 1920.

7113 N. Western Avenue, Jack's House, Closed January 2013

7125 N. Western Avenuewas the Black Angus Restaurant.

7127 N. Western Avenue location of the West Ridge Draft Board 77, circa 1945.

7130 N. Western Avenue, Standard Oil Gas Station, May 1975.

7131 N. Western Avenue, Poppin' Fresh Pies,

7131 N. Western Avenue is the present location of Bakers Square.

7200 Block

7200 block of N. Western Avenue was where the Cleason family home was located. Date not given. Exact address not given.

7201 N. Western Avenue, P&S Restaurant, April 1984.

7002 W. Western Avenue, The Aiello dynamite cache.

7215 N. Western Avenue, Beauty by Lenore, (1952)

7221 N. Western Avenue was owned by Alois John Muno (1894-1986) owner of West Ridge Recreation Parlor, (later Markay Recreation Center), and a bowling alley from 1923-1943.

7225 N. Western Avenue, Fin 'n Claw Restaurant, April 1984.

7235 N. Western Avenue, Lance Wise, Ltd., C.P.A., April 1984.

7243 N. Western Avenue, Baird & Warner Real Estate office, April 1984.

7247 N. Western Avenue is an unidentified Apartment Building in April 1984.

7300 Block

7300 N. Western Avenue was Joseph Lumber.

7300 N. Western Avenue-"P" was Blockbuster.

7301 N. Western Avenue, Talbott's Restaurant, February 1984.

7301 N. Western Avenue, Mullen's Bar and Grill,2013.

7302 N. Western Avenue was Swanson Florist in April 1984.

7308 N. Western Avenue was the Sunset Bowl.

7310 N. Western Avenue was an unidentified house in April 1984.

7312 N. Western Avenue was an unidentified house in April 1984.

7315 N. Western Avenue, Jelly Bee Clothing Store, April 1984.

7344 N. Western Avenue was the second location of the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society.

7345 N. Western Avenue is an office building. April 1984.

7357 N. Western Avenue was an Apartment Building in April 1984.

7400 Block

7405 N. Western Avenue, Western & Southern Life Insurance Company, April 1984.

7419 N. Western Avenue, Domas Plumbers, April 1984.

7421 N. Western Avenue, T & J Video, April 1984.

7436 N. Western Avenue, Mark II Bar and Lounge, 2013.

7439 N. Western Avenue, Phat Fades Barber Shop

7446 N. Western Avenue, Allen's Drug Store, (1952)

7449 N. Western Avenue, Accurate Liquors, (1952)

7452 N. Western Avenue, Candlelite Restaurant

7500 Block

7501 N. Western Avenue, Midas Mufflers.

7517 N. Western Avenue, Welcome Inn Pizzeria, September 1971.

7519 N. Western Avenue is a CTA Bus turn-around.

7532 N. Western Avenue was Bates Jewelry Store in 1970.

7549 N. Western Avenue, Welcome Inn Pizzeria, (1952)

7551 N. Western Avenue, Small Fry Restaurant, 1950.

7555 N. Western Avenue, Small Fry Restaurant, 1952.

7555 N. Western Avenue, The Angus, November 1981.