1937-39 W. Greenleaf Avenue

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1937-39 W. Greenleaf Avenue, The Moore House. Current owners: Mike and Sandy Moore - since June 1986.

This 2-Flat was featured in the 1989 Annual Fall House Tour.

Circa -1870s (very uncertain)

Architect H.S. Gilbert

Builder: Probably owner, Jacob Schneider (later Snyder)

Style: 19th Century farmhouse (1-1/2 story frame Cottage)

Original address: 515-517 Greenleaf Street

Current owners: Mike and Sandy Moore - since June 1986.

Exterior: Originally clapboard two-story now covered with aluminum and asphalt siding. Most windows were replaced and reconstructed probably between the late 1940s and 1960. Back porch storm windows added in 1987. New roof in 1986 and 1987, when roof line was slightly modified to eliminate drainage problems created by deep valleys on side dormers. Originally had wraparound porch in front.

First floor: Entry way leads left into two irregularly-shaped rooms that were separate at one time. Any decorative wood trim or stained or leaded glass windows that may have existed were lost in various 'modernizations. The 10-foot ceilings, narrow oak floors, the fireplace, and the dining room windows are about all that remain to indicate the period in which the house was built. The galley kitchen, with its pine floors, may have been a porch once. (watch out: there is a small step up entering it.) The kitchen leads to the large summer porch.

The dining room, entered through the middle living room or the kitchen, may have been the original kitchen (note stairs to basement) and was probably once a one-story extension off the main part of the house, which apparently ended at the fireplace wall.

A 7 x 16 foot spare room off the dining room has an adjoining powder room.

There is a two-story six-room apartment on the other side of the west walls. The original owners are said to have divided the house vertically, creating an apartment for a son. We are told that the enclosed staircase was once a grand staircase more than twice as wide (the other half is used by the tenants on their side.)

Second floor: The two back bedrooms and bath, with pine floors and sloped ceilings, mirror the tenants' side. The large master bedroom on our side has probably been reconfigured several times.