2246 W. Greenleaf Avenue

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2246 W. Greenleaf Avenue, the Bonneau/Pedersen House.

This house was in the 2001 Annual Fall House Tour.

Circa: 1928

Architect: Fred Winter

Contractor: Dahl/Steadman Construction

Original Owner: Fred Winter

Present (2001) Owner: David Bonneau and Debra Pedersen

Fred Winter was an architect and builder who worked for Dahl/Steadman Construction during the 1920s. Before he designed and lived in this Chicago Bungalow, in 1925 he built and lived in a similar one at 2500 W. Farwell Avenue. The two buildings have much in common including placement of the garage in the basement, and the extensive use of concrete as both decorative and structural elements. This extraordinary house is on a scale few other bungalows in Chicago can match. In fact, this massive bungalow is sometimes referred to as "The Fortress" by old time West Ridge residents.

The house is an eclectic mix of architectural elements, but with half-timbering and arched doorways, Tudor Revival style dominates. The west side of the building was altered considerably when previous owners removed the garage entrance, replacing the doors with windows to create a family room with a separate kitchen. The remainder of the imposing exterior is original.

As you enter, an unlikely sight presents itself--a grand open staircase. The original railings and balustrade have been removed, but David Bonneau and Debra Pedersen hoped (in 2001) to recreate them.

At the top of the landing, there is a striking openness to the floor plan. Only the fireplace separates the living room and dining room. The beautiful leaded and stained glass windows are original and highlight the space.

When the bungalow was originally built, the focus must have been on the beautiful, elaborate fountain in front of the middle windows. Winter's design is said to have resembled Grant Park's Buckingham Fountain, which was dedicated in 1927.

In 1983, this house was identified as a significant structure and a potential landmark in the Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey.

Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey

Architect: Winter, Fred

Historic Name:

Community: West Ridge (02)

Address: 2246 W. Greenleaf Avenue

Constructed: Started in

Classification: 1


Type: Single-Family Residence

Color Code: Orange

Major Tenant:

Building Details:

Pin: 1131105035