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Using AIA Historical Directory of American Architects

Finding names in the American Institute of Architects, (AIA) Historical Directory of American Architects

Note--architects who joined the AIA after 1978 are not listed in the AIA Historical Directory. Changes in membership status after 1978 are not shown in the AIA Historical Directory. Click on the link corresponding to the first two letters of the last name, to view an alphabetical list of every person, firm, and cross-reference that begins with those two letters. The list entries include birth/death dates when available, the state(s), and AIA membership dates, to help you distinguish between people with similar names.

Firm names are alphabetized using the surnames or first significant word. (For example, "Birge M. Clark & Walter S. Stromquist" is under Cl for Clark; "The Office of D. Wentworth Wright" is under Wr for Wright; "The Design Group" is under De for Design; and RTKL is under Rt.)

Firm names under a particular surname such as Clark are listed after all the persons with the surname Clark.

Most of the entries in the AIA Historical Directory are persons, not firms, because architects join the AIA as individuals.


Adams, Charles Richard

Dankmar Adler

Allison, Lymon J.

Alfred S. Alschuler

Aroner & Somers

Association of Licensed Architects


Baumann, Frederick

Belli, Edo

Beman, Solon S.

Bouchard, Louis C.

Bolton & Zittel

Boyington, William W.

Braucher, Ernest Newton

Brenner Danforth Rockwell

Brenner, Daniel

Brewer, Greg

Brownson, Jacques

Bruns, Benedict J.

Burling & Adler

Burch, Edward Leonard, Jr.

Burnham and Root

Burnham, Daniel

Burns, John J.

Lt. Burns, Wesley Ray, Jr.

Brydges, E. Norman


Cable & Spitz

Capraro, Alexander V.

Cederstrand, Carl L.

C. Werner Christensen

Christensen, John C.

Cook, Norman Wolcott

Cottingham, Lewis Nockalls


Danforth, George Edison

Denson, James E.

Dewey & Pavlovich

Dewey, Albert B., Jr.


Egan, James J.

Otto Reinhold Eggers

Eggers & Higgins

Eichenbaum, Edward E.

Elmslie, George Grant

Edward Donald Erickson


Fiedler, August William

John B. Fischer

Furst, Charles J.


Garbe, Raymond W.

Gaul, Hermann J.

Gilbert, Bradford Lee

Gilbert, H.S.

Goff, Bruce

Ernest Robert Graham

Gregori, Raymond J.

Griffin, Marion Mahony

Griffin, Walter Burley

Grosbeck, Chris

Gubbins & McDonnell

Guske and Foster


Haagen, Paul

Hamp, Philip

Hatzfeld, Clarence

Hatzfeld and Knox

Thomas Heinz

Heisen, Carl

Daniel Paul Higgins

Hill, Boyd

Hoerman, Carl

Holabird & Roche

Holabird, William

Huber, Julius Herz

Huehl, Harris W.

Ralph D. Huszagh

Ralph Huszagh & Associates

Hussander, Arthur F.

Hyland & Corse

Hyland, Clifford F.


Cobb, Henry Ives


Jenney, William Le Baron

Jensen, Jens

Jensen, Jens J.


Kenny, Lawrence

Kingsley, George S.

Klewer, William L.

Knox, Arthur Howell

Kollath, Richard


Laist, Theodore Frederick

Lehle, William Louis

Leone, Amadeo

Mr. Livermore

Loebl, Jerrold


Maher, George Washington

Merrill, John O.

Rognstad, Sigurd A.

Michaelsen & Rognstad


Melvin A. Nelson

Newhouse, Henry L.

Nicol, Charles Wheeler

Nimmons, George


Ottenheimer, Henry Leopold


Packard, Allyn Augustus

Pereira, Percival R.

Pereira, William L.

Presto, William C.

Pridmore, J.E.O.

Pond, Allen B.

Pond, Irving K.

Charles H. Prindville


Quitsow, Anthony Henry


Rapp & Rapp, Architectural Firm

Rapp, Cornelius W.

Rebori, Andrew N.

Richardson, Henry Hobson

Roche, Martin

Rockwell, Henry Philips Davis "Deever"

Rognstad, Sigurd A.

Root, John Wellborn

Root, John Wellborn, Jr.

Ross, Henry

Rowe, Peter G.


Saxe, Albert Moore

Schlacks, Henry J.

Charles Seyfarth

Robert E. Seyfarth

Shaw, Howard Van Doren

Shepley, Rutan, and Coolidge

Silsbee, Joseph Lyman

Smith, Alfred J.

Smith, Robert S.

Somers, Elbert S.

Stanhope, Leon E.

Steinberg, Edward P.

Louis Sullivan


Thies, Walter John

Treat, Samuel Atwater

Treat & Alschuler



Vitzthum, Karl Martin

Von Holst, Hermann V.

Van Osdel, John M.


Winter, Fred

Wolf, Frederick William

Wright, W.B.