Bach Brick Company, Inc.

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Bach Brick Company, Inc. Soundex Code B200

William Bach & Sons, Inc. title changed to Bach Brick Company, Inc., in 1905. Brick Manufacturers

The six Bach brothers were the sole stockholders.

Address: 2647 W. Montrose Avenue


The Bach Brick Company, Inc. started out as W. Bach and occupied the north half of a 53-acre tract located on the north side of West Irving Park Road at about the 2700 block in the northwest section of the City of Chicago. It fronted 210 feet on Irving Park boulevard and extended north 400 feet. It was a part of a larger tract of approximately 53 acres, extending north from Irving Park boulevard to West Montrose Avenue, bounded on the east by the north branch of the Chicago River and on the west by North California Avenue. Some years ago a partial dedication was made of a street bisecting this larger tract from east to west, being an extension of Berteau Avenue. Emil Bach, Otto Carl Bach, and their brothers were co-owners.