Benedictine Sisters of Chicago

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Benedictine Sisters of Chicago Nuns

by Colleen Taylor Sen

Originally published in the 2009 Founders' Day booklet

Benedictine Sisters of Chicago (OSB) The Benedictine Sisters first came to America from Eichstatt, Germany in 1851, and in 1861 three sisters came to Chicago to teach German-speaking children. They established St. Joseph’s Convent and School at Chicago and Wabash. In 1871, after the Great Chicago Fire, they chartered a new school, Saints Benedict and Scholastica Academy.

They served in numerous parishes in the Chicago Metro area and also established schools in Colorado. In 1907, they opened St. Scholastica Academy and monastery on North Ridge Blvd. in West Ridge and made prominent additions in 1924 and 1958. St. Scholastica Academy became a college preparatory school, offering the International Baccalaureate Program.

The current community of 51 sisters in Chicago and Colorado is committed to contemplative prayer, community life and ministries that are relevant to today’s needs, including teaching, ministry and social service to the elderly, homeless, imprisoned and those with mental or physical health needs.

New Information

In 2012, St. Scholastica Academy was closed and the building sold. However, the monastery remains open.