Babbitt, Benton Holcomb

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Benton Holcomb Babbitt Soundex Code B130

Benton Holcomb Babbitt, Manager, Alfred Peats Company, (1905, 1911); wallpaper (1917);

born: on farm in Warren County, Ohio on Wednesday, July 28, 1852;

son of: James Madison and Eleanor R. Babbitt nee: Hall;

educated in: common schools of Warren County, Ohio;

married: Alice Knight in Danville, Illinois on Thursday, December 16, 1886;

children: Alice, Benton Knight, Eleanor, Gladys.

At 15 years of age began work in a grocery store in Warren County, Ohio;

with Hale & West, wallpaper, Lebanon, Ohio, 1872-1878;

with J.H. Madden, Danville, Illinois, stationery and wallpaper, 1878-1883;

came to Chicago and was traveling representative for J.J. McGrath, 1883-1887;

traveling salesman, 1887-1891, and office manager, 1891-1897, Lartz Wall Paper Company;

Chicago manager Alfred Peats Company, wallpaper, since 1897.


Clubs: Chicago Athletic Club (1905);

Hamilton Club,

Chicago Congregational Club,

Birchwood Country Club (1911, 1917).

Office: 144-146 Wabash Avenue (1905); 25 S. Wabash Avenue (1911, 1917).

Home: 1031 Farwell Avenue, (1898); 1141 Lunt Avenue, (1902, 1903, 1904, 1905); 1309 W. Lunt Avenue, (1911, 1917), Rogers Park

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1905, Book of Chicagoans, 1911, Book of Chicagoans, 1917.

Chicago Blue Book

Benton Holcomb Babbitt, 1031 Farwell Avenue, 1898 Chicago Blue Book, page 258.

Mr. & Mrs. Benton Holcomb Babbitt & daughter, 1141 Lunt Avenue, 1902 Chicago Blue Book, page 254.