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Broadway Soundex Code B630

600 W. at 2800 N. to 1200 W. at 6358 N.

Named after New York City's famous theater district, Broadway's name was originally Evanston Avenue.

It was changed because the name "Evanston" was too tied to prohibition/temperance, and those who owned taverns, inns, or other liquor-serving establishments didn't appreciate the "dry" implications that the name gave them.

Not Broadway Street or Broadway Avenue. Just Broadway. This is the only street in Chicago that has no street or avenue designation.


4600 Block

4619 N. Broadway, Fiberoid Trunk Works, 1919.

4800 Block

4878 N. Broadway, American Metro Bank, Main Bank

5500 Block

5533 N. Broadway, Kelly Cassidy, Illinois State Representative, 2016.

5533 N. Broadway, Jan Schakowsky, 2016.

5549 N. Broadway, H.J. Edlund, 1919.

5600 Block

5627 N. Broadway, Edgewater Coal Company, 1919.

6100 Block

6133‑6133 N. Broadway, Jacob Best Coal Company

6141 N. Broadway, William J. Dehmlow, 1919.

6161 N. Broadway, Beloian Brothers, 1919.

6200 Block

6208 N. Broadway, Connie Abels, RE/MAX NorthCoast, 2016.

6222 N. Broadway, Barr Funeral Home

6300 Block

6333 N. Broadway, Hebard Storage Warehouses, 1919.

6341 N. Broadway, Geisler Storage Battery Company, 1919.

6341 N. Broadway, Hamilton’s Bar and Grill, 2012.