Ennis, Callistus Sexton

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Callistus Sexton Ennis Soundex Code E520

Callistus Sexton Ennis, Real Estate Agent;

born in: Chicago, on Wednesday, October 14, 1863;

son of: James Sexton Ennis and Mary A. Ennis, nee: Mary A. Sexton

education: public and high schools of Chicago to December, 1879;

married: Clara F. Ennis, nee: Clara F. Ceperly, in Chicago, on Tuesday, March 11, 1890;

children: Callistus James Ennis, Esther Frances Ennis, Paul Ennis.

Studied law, engaged In commercial pursuits until 1890;

In 1890 became associated with Dunlap Smith in the real estate business, and continued in that business and firm until the death of Dunlap Smith,

in 1902, he became a partner in the firm of George W. Cobb & Company,

later head of Callistus S. Ennis & Company, real estate investments and mortgages.

Member Chicago Real Estate Board (secretary: 1901, director: 1902-4, chairman of board: 1904).

Member of the Rogers Park Village Board in 1890.


Served 5 years In 1st Regiment, Illinois National Guard;

afterward member for several years of the Veteran Corps, 1st Regiment

Club: Iroquois Club.

Office: Rector Building, 122 W. Monroe Street

Residence: 4197 N. Wayne Avenue (1905), Rogers Park. 1437 W. Pratt Boulevard (1910)

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1905, Book of Chicagoans, 1911.


The home of Callistus Sexton Ennis, 1437 W. Pratt Boulevard, is plate 49 in the Book of the North Shore.

RPWRHS photo C002-0101 shows members of the Rogers Park Village Board in the 1890s including: Callistus Sexton Ennis, Franklin H. Doland, Harlow W. Phelps, and J.H. Daly.