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Catherine Rogers Touhy (1843-1916) was the only daughter of Philip McGregor Rogers and was said to be the first white child born on the wikipedia:North Shore (Chicago). Educated at St. Xavier Academy (now: wikipedia:Saint Xavier University), wikipedia:Chicago, she was called the "Belle of the Pioneers." She married Patrick Leonard Touhy in 1866. Catherine Touhy was said to be a woman of strong character who "kept her youth in the most surprising way, not having a grey hair at her death." She died in her home on Clark Street of wikipedia:Pneumonia following a three-week illness.

The Touhys had ten children, two of whom died as infants. Their eldest son, Edmund, an attorney, died in 1894, and is buried in the Touhy family plot in Calvary Cemetery.

Patrick's and Catherine's surviving children were: S. Rogers Touhy, Mrs. Addison Blakeley, Mrs. Catherine Cullen, Mrs. Archibald Alexander McKinley, Joseph W. Touhy, and Miss Grace Constance Touhy.


RPWRHS photo D005-7796 shows Patrick Leonard Touhy's mansion, "The Oaks", which he built for his wife, Catherine, who was the daughter of Philip McGregor Rogers, the first settler in Rogers Park. At one time, a Potawatomi Native American village occupied this land. The house was located at 5008 N. Clark Street (later 7339 N. Clark Street). Photo circa 1860.