Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey

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Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey Soundex Code C220

City of Chicago Historic Preservation website.

The Historic Resources Survey An inventory of architecturally and historically significant structures came out in 1996. It was prepared by the Commission on Chicago Landmarks and the Chicago Department of Planning and Development. It summarized the results of a decades-long effort to identify the various community areas and neighborhoods, and list those buildings in those areas that were of historic and architectural importance; i.e., those buildings that should be preserved. Approximately 3.5% of all structures then extant were identified as architecturally or historically significant.

The Historic Resources Survey is organized according to the city's 77 "Community Areas." The community areas are statistical groupings created by the University of Chicago in the mid-1930s. These are not to be confused with aldermanic wards or neighborhoods, because their boundaries stay constant over time, whereas wards and neighborhoods tend to change over time.

The houses are classified by a Landmarks Color Code

The following 210 houses/buildings in Rogers Park (135) and West Ridge (75) are listed in the Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey.

Please Note: Only one address is shown, even though some buildings may have additional addresses. The buildings/houses are found on 45 streets.

Rogers Park (135 Houses/Buildings)

Albion Avenue

1060 W. Albion Avenue

1104 W. Albion Avenue

1118 W. Albion Avenue

1120 W. Albion Avenue

Arthur Avenue

1325 W. Arthur Avenue

1328 W. Arthur Avenue

Ashland Avenue

6640 N. Ashland Avenue

6927 N. Ashland Avenue

7001 N. Ashland Avenue

7076 N. Ashland Avenue

7077 N. Ashland Avenue

Bosworth Avenue

6613 N. Bosworth Avenue

6642 N. Bosworth Avenue

Chase Avenue

1400 W. Chase Avenue

1435 W. Chase Avenue

1521 W. Chase Avenue

1532 W. Chase Avenue

1650 W. Chase Avenue

1701 W. Chase Avenue

1715 W. Chase Avenue

1719 W. Chase Avenue

Clark Street

6542 N. Clark Street

6955 N. Clark Street

Columbia Avenue

1049 W. Columbia Avenue

1101 W. Columbia Avenue

1128 W. Columbia Avenue

Devon Avenue

1400 W. Devon Avenue

1618 W. Devon Avenue

Estes Avenue

1414 W. Estes Avenue

Fargo Avenue

1337 W. Fargo Avenue

1436 W. Fargo Avenue

2100 W. Fargo Avenue

Glenwood Avenue

6459 N. Glenwood Avenue

6547 N. Glenwood Avenue

6559 N. Glenwood Avenue

6559 N. Glenwood Avenue, Rectory

6575 N. Glenwood Avenue

6626 N. Glenwood Avenue

6650 N. Glenwood Avenue

6910 N. Glenwood Avenue

Greenleaf Avenue

1730 W. Greenleaf Avenue

1910 W. Greenleaf Avenue

1928 W. Greenleaf Avenue

1936 W. Greenleaf Avenue

2007 W. Greenleaf Avenue

Greenview Avenue

6702 N. Greenview Avenue

6719 N. Greenview Avenue

6723 N. Greenview Avenue

6733 N. Greenview Avenue

6915 N. Greenview Avenue

6922 N. Greenview Avenue

6930 N. Greenview Avenue

7043 N. Greenview Avenue

7071 N. Greenview Avenue

7100 N. Greenview Avenue

Howard Street

1532 W. Howard Street

1548 W. Howard Street

1615 W. Howard Street

1731 W. Howard Street

Hoyne Avenue

7424 N. Hoyne Avenue

7440 N. Hoyne Avenue

7441 N. Hoyne Avenue

7446 N. Hoyne Avenue

7447 N. Hoyne Avenue

7453 N. Hoyne Avenue

Jarvis Avenue

1419 W. Jarvis Avenue

2107 W. Jarvis Avenue

Lunt Avenue

1139 W. Lunt Avenue

1610 W. Lunt Avenue

1701 W. Lunt Avenue

1710 W. Lunt Avenue

1716 W. Lunt Avenue

1807 W. Lunt Avenue

1826 W. Lunt Avenue

1836 W. Lunt Avenue

1902 W. Lunt Avenue

1909 W. Lunt Avenue

1934 W. Lunt Avenue

Morse Avenue

1615 W. Morse Avenue

1905 W. Morse Avenue

Newgard Avenue

6542 N. Newgard Avenue

6718 N. Newgard Avenue

6732 N. Newgard Avenue

6917 N. Newgard Avenue

North Shore Avenue

1102 W. North Shore Avenue

1250 W. North Shore Avenue

Paulina Street

7600 N. Paulina Street

7613 N. Paulina Street

Pratt Boulevard

1218 W. Pratt Boulevard

1246 W. Pratt Boulevard

1307 W. Pratt Boulevard

1317 W. Pratt Boulevard

1327 W. Pratt Boulevard

1337 W. Pratt Boulevard

1339 W. Pratt Boulevard

1341 W. Pratt Boulevard

1439 W. Pratt Boulevard

1525 W. Pratt Boulevard

1757 W. Pratt Boulevard

Ridge Boulevard

6757 N. Ridge Boulevard

7045 N. Ridge Boulevard

7221 N. Ridge Boulevard

Rogers Avenue

7616 N. Rogers Avenue

Sheridan Road

1012 W. Sheridan Road

6425 N. Sheridan Road

6500 N. Sheridan Road

6500 N. Sheridan Road, Dumbach Hall

6525 N. Sheridan Road

6525 N. Sheridan Road, Chapel

6525 N. Sheridan Road, Gym

6560 N. Sheridan Road

6963 N. Sheridan Road

7414 N. Sheridan Road

7415 N. Sheridan Road

7418 N. Sheridan Road

7421 N. Sheridan Road

7450 N. Sheridan Road

7467 N. Sheridan Road

Sherwin Avenue

1209 W. Sherwin Avenue

1328 W. Sherwin Avenue

1521 W. Sherwin Avenue

1609 W. Sherwin Avenue

Touhy Avenue

1523 W. Touhy Avenue

1527 W. Touhy Avenue

1531 W. Touhy Avenue

1540 W. Touhy Avenue

1601 W. Touhy Avenue

1607 W. Touhy Avenue

1612 W. Touhy Avenue

1639 W. Touhy Avenue

1648 W. Touhy Avenue

1929 W. Touhy Avenue

Wolcott Avenue

6753 N. Wolcott Avenue

6959 N. Wolcott Avenue

7114 N. Wolcott Avenue

West Ridge (75 Houses/Buildings)

Campbell Avenue

6900 N. Campbell Avenue

Chase Avenue

2314 W. Chase Avenue

Coyle Avenue

2501 W. Coyle Avenue

Damen Avenue

6518 N. Damen Avenue

Devon Avenue

2245 W. Devon Avenue

2247 W. Devon Avenue

2251 W. Devon Avenue

2252 W. Devon Avenue

2253 W. Devon Avenue

2254 W. Devon Avenue

2259 W. Devon Avenue

2300 W. Devon Avenue

2301 W. Devon Avenue

2306 W. Devon Avenue

2307 W. Devon Avenue

2312 W. Devon Avenue

2314 W. Devon Avenue

2315 W. Devon Avenue

2317 W. Devon Avenue

2319 W. Devon Avenue

2324 W. Devon Avenue

2331 W. Devon Avenue

2335 W. Devon Avenue

2901 W. Devon Avenue

Estes Avenue

2247 W. Estes Avenue

2438 W. Estes Avenue

2555 W. Estes Avenue

Fairfield Avenue

6658 N. Fairfield Avenue

Farwell Avenue

2556 W. Farwell Avenue

2557 W. Farwell Avenue

Fitch Avenue

2949 W. Fitch Avenue

Glenlake Avenue

2936 W. Glenlake Avenue

Granville Avenue

2200 W. Granville Avenue

Greenleaf Avenue

2216 W. Greenleaf Avenue

2246 W. Greenleaf Avenue

2415 W. Greenleaf Avenue

2418 W. Greanleaf Avenue

Hamilton Avenue

7257 N. Hamilton Avenue

7300 N. Hamilton Avenue

Hollywood Avenue

3007 W. Hollywood Avenue

Hoyne Avenue

6327 N. Hoyne Avenue

Howard Street

2219 W. Howard Street

Lunt Avenue

2134 W. Lunt Avenue

2140 W. Lunt Avenue

2420 W. Lunt Avenue

2500 W. Lunt Avenue

Morse Avenue

2453 W. Morse Avenue

2454 W. Morse Avenue

2458 W. Morse Avenue

Oakley Avenue

7050 N. Oakley Avenue

7056 N. Oakley Avenue

Peterson Avenue

2152 W. Peterson Avenue

2650 W. Peterson Avenue

Pratt Boulevard

2048 W. Pratt Boulevard

2050 W. Pratt Boulevard

2064 W. Pratt Boulevard

2074 W. Pratt Boulevard

2084 W. Pratt Boulevard

2100 W. Pratt Boulevard

2226 W. Pratt Boulevard

2242 W. Pratt Boulevard

Richmond Street

6210 N. Richmond Street

6214 N. Richmond Street

Ridge Boulevard

6346 N. Ridge Boulevard

6800 N. Ridge Boulevard

6836 N. Ridge Boulevard

7114 N. Ridge Boulevard

7120 N. Ridge Boulevard

7224 N. Ridge Boulevard

7340 N. Ridge Boulevard

Talman Avenue

6101 N. Talman Avenue

Thome Avenue

1925 W. Thome Avenue

Virginia Avenue

5652 N. Virginia Avenue

Western Avenue

6422 N. Western Avenue

Wolcott Avenue

6018 N. Wolcott Avenue