Denkman Library

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The Denkman Library has for a number of years been located in the upper story, west wing of the large college building. and has suffered more and more for lack of space as the library increased. It is now. however, permanently located in a magnificent new library building, recently erected by the heirs of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C.A. Denkman and presented by them to Augustana College as a splendid memorial to their parents.

The building is a modern adaptation of the Italian renaissance, built of St. Louis Limestone of a beautiful texture and extremely hard quality. The foundation is of concrete and the roof is of tile. The building is of the ordinary "T" shape, the back portion being given up exclusively to stack rooms, seminary rooms, and the administrative offices. The large reading room in the front of the building measures 60 feet by 120 feet, and is pronounced one of the most beautiful reading rooms in rhe country.