Devon Avenue

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Devon Avenue Soundex Code D150

6400 N. from 1200 W. to 7758 W. This street is in BOTH, Rogers Park and West Ridge

Named by John Lewis Cochran, the developer of Edgewater, for one of the stops along the Main Line, a Commuter Rail line running west out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Cochran's home town. Devon, Pennsylvania, was probably named for Devonshire, England was named for a French family by the name Devonne.

The City Council passed a lengthy ordinance Monday, January 14, 1895, rationalizing the street naming system. All addresses on Devon after 1895 do not require conversion.

Other names: Church Road, Clarke Court, Clarke Place, Homan Avenue, Isham Avenue, Nieman Avenue, North Avenue, 71st Street.

Not listed in the 1895, 1897, 1898, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904 Chicago Blue Book.

Rogers Park (RP) and Edgewater (EW) Addresses

1200 Block

EW 1225 W. Devon Avenue, USO.

RP 1230 W. Devon Avenue, Harry Karasick Drug Store, 1919.

RP 1230 W. Devon Avenue, Loyola Pharmacy, 1919.

RP 1232 W. Devon Avenue, Fred Lackner, 1919.

RP 1234 W. Devon Avenue, Calumet Grocery & Market, 1919.

RP 1234 W. Devon Avenue, Max Maas, Grocer, 1919.

RP 1236 W. Devon Avenue, Devon Modern Shoe Repair Shop, 1919.

RP 1236 W. Devon Avenue, Salvatore Kollar, Tailor, 1919.

RP 1236 W. Devon Avenue, I.B. Kosman, 1919.

RP 1236 W. Devon Avenue, Alexander Levy, 1919.

RP 1236 W. Devon Avenue, Jakob Levy, 1919.

EW 1259 W. Devon Avenue, Dr. Almerin Webster Baer

1300 Block

RP 1300 W. Devon Avenue, Weinstein & Sons Funeral Home, 1955.

RP 1300 W. Devon Avenue, Heartland Health Center, 2016.

RP 1340 W. Devon Avenue, Clyde F. Fisk, Bakery, 1919.

RP 1342 W. Devon Avenue, The Fair Cleaners & Dyers, 1919.

RP 1342 W. Devon Avenue, Philip T. Flanler, 1919.

RP 1348 W. Devon Avenue, Thiry's Household Utilities Corporation, circa 1925.

EW 1359 W. Devon Avenue, John E. Maloney Funeral Home

EW 1359 W. Devon Avenue, John E. Malone, 1919.

1400 Block

RP 1400 W. Devon Avenue at Sheridan Road was photographed in 1929. This street number seems incorrect. This needs more investigation.

EW 1401 W. Devon Avenue is Uncommon Ground restaurant.

EW 1405 W. Devon Avenue was the Bornhofen Grocery in 1916.

RP 1408-12 W. Devon Avenue was Bornhofen Brothers in 1936.

EW 1411 W. Devon Avenue was the Bornhofen Market in 1922.

RP 1418 W. Devon Avenue, Devon Barber Shop

EW 1421 W. Devon Avenue, Mathew Klujian & Sons [[Cleaners], Tuesday, July 1, 2003.

RP 1542 W. Devon Ave., Bowl Haven

RP 1448 W. Devon Avenue was where the Otto Dohl Market horse and wagon was photographed on December 25, 1939.

EW 1449 W. Devon Avenue was the Dohl Meat Market in 1912.

EW 1449-51 W. Devon Avenue, P.G. Rapp Company, date not known.

RP 1454 W. Devon Avenue Location of WWII Honor Roll - Victory Campaign - 1944.

1500 Block

EW 1533 W. Devon Avenue, Rogers Park Community Church, 2016.

RP 1540 W. Devon Avenue, Devon Hardware Company, 1919.

EW 1545 W. Devon Avenue, Misener-Holley Animal Hospital, 1996.

RP 1546 W. Devon Avenue, Elantee Theatre, 1919.

RP 1548 W. Devon Avenue, Ellente Corset & Waist Shop, 1919.

RP 1550 W. Devon Avenue, Capri Ballroom

RP 1550 W. Devon Avenue, Miss C. Hollesen, 1919.

RP 1550 W. Devon Avenue, LaClare Beauty Shop, 1919.

EW 1553 W. Devon Avenue, Commonwealth Edison Co., Lamp Exchange, 1919.

RP 1554 W. Devon Avenue was the location of the Ridge Theater.

RP 1554 W. Devon Avenue, Morris Lichtenstein, Furrier, 1919.

RP 1556 W. Devon Avenue, The Ceilann Shop, 1919.

RP 1556 W. Devon Avenue, Floyd Motor Company, 1919.

EW 1557 W. Devon Avenue, Devon Battery Service, 1919.

RP 1566 W. Devon Avenue, George Griswold, Barber, 1919.

1600 Block

RP 1600 W. Devon Avenue was the Rogers Park Ball Grounds.

RP 1614 W. Devon Avenue, Devon Fruit & Vegetable House, 1919.

RP 1618 W. Devon Avenue

1700 Block

RP 1708 W. Devon Avenue is the location where Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Schreiber and two unidentified children were photographed. No date given.

RP 1708 W. Devon Avenue, William E. Cooksley, 1919.

RP 1718 W. Devon Avenue, J. Bierchen, 1919.

RP 1723 W. Devon Avenue, United States Post Office, 2016.

1800 Block

RP 1804 W. Devon Avenue, Harry Graefen, 1919.

RP 1804 W. Devon Avenue, Charles Kanowske, 1919.

EW 1831 W. Devon Avenue, McDonalds, 2013.

West Ridge (WR) Addresses

1900 Block

WR 1929 W. Devon Avenue, St. Henry's Cemetery

WR 1976 W. Devon Avenue, W. Clark, 1919.

2000 Block

WR 2001 W. Devon Avenue was the Angel Guardian School.

WR 2034 W. Devon Avenue was the original location in 1974 of the Patel Brothers grocery store.

WR 2043 W. Devon Avenue was the Angel Guardian Florist, in the 1920s.

WR 2055 W. Devon Avenue, Charles Cowdery, 1919.

WR 2059 W. Devon Avenue, Math Evert, 1919.

2100 Block

WR 2100 W. Devon Avenue was the Sholem Aleichem school in March 1974.

WR 2136 W. Devon Avenue, Dr. Mendel Dental Office, November 1981.

2200 Block

WR 2200 W. Devon Avenue is where a photo was taken of Devon Avenue looking East Toward Bell Avenue.

WR 2234 W. Devon Avenue, Par Birdie Foods, 1996.

WR 2245 W. Devon Avenue, Adler's Draperies

WR 2247 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2251 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2252 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2253 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2254 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2259 W. Devon Avenue

2300 Block

WR 2300 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2301 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2306 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2307 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2312 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2314 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2315 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2317 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2319 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2324 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2326 W. Devon Avenue was Cook County Federal Savings Bank, 1948.

WR 2331 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2335 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2337 W. Devon Avenue, Kirshenbaum's on Devon (1952)

WR 2341 W. Devon Avenue is where The Ark held Job Counseling on September 11, 1988.

WR 2345 W. Devon Avenue was the Devon-North Town State Bank, 1940.

WR 2349 W. Devon Avenue, Khattak Building.

2400 Block

WR 2400 W. Devon Avenue, Ben Bey Cigar Store

WR 2405 W. Devon Avenue was F.W. Woolworth Company-Devon in the 1950s.

WR 2424 W. Devon Avenue was Rusnak Brothers.

WR 2425 W. Devon Avenue was Abrams Department Store.

WR 2434 W. Devon Avenue was Hillman's Food Store.

WR 2439 W. Devon Avenue is Hema’s Kitchen.

WR 2450 W. Devon Avenue, West Ridge Chamber of Commerce

2500 Block

WR 2500 W. Devon Avenue, 1st Chicago Bank, 1994.

WR 2502 W. Devon Avenue, was the North Town Library, circa 1940.

WR 2509 W. Devon Avenue was the Crawford Department Store.

WR 2516 W. Devon Avenue Cine Theater.

WR 2516 W. Devon Avenue, Boys' World.

WR 2520 W. Devon Avenue, Viceroy of India.

WR 2540 W. Devon Avenue, West Ridge Chamber of Commerce (WRCC)

2600 Block

WR 2600 W. Devon Avenue Devon Street Fair D150

WR 2610 W. Devon Avenue is the location of Patel Brothers.

WR 2612 W. Devon Avenue is where Mayor Harold Washington and Sher Muhammed Rajput were photographed on March 18, 1987, just 8 months before Washington's death.

WR 2623 W. Devon Avenue is Sari Sapne.

WR 2626 W. Devon Avenue is North-Water Market.

WR 2639 W. Devon Avenue, first location of Ross Barber Shop

WR 2642 W. Devon Avenue was European Deli in 1980.

2700 Block

WR 2700 W. Devon Avenue was the Four Cohns Shoes, 1975.

WR 2702 W. Devon Avenue was Shapiro Jewelers, 1975.

WR 2720 W. Devon Avenue is Cook County Federal Savings & Loan, in 1958.

WR 2750 W. Devon Avenue, Jacobs & Jacobs, Inc., 1947.

WR 2758 W. Devon Avenue was Kofield's Restaurant. No date given.

2800 Block

WR 2801 W. Devon Avenue, Citibank

WR 2813 W. Devon Avenue, 2nd location of Ross Barber Shop.

WR 2825 W. Devon Avenue was Charles "Value-Ville" Hardware.

WR 2825 W. Devon Avenue, CVS Pharmacy

2900 Block

WR 2901 W. Devon Avenue

WR 2906 W. Devon Avenue, Rosenblum's World of Judiaca,

WR 2935 W. Devon Avenue, Robert Hall Men's Clothing Store

WR 2944 W. Devon Avenue, Tel-Aviv Kosher Bakery

WR 2949 W. Devon Avenue, Office of Alderman Debra Silverstein

WR 2951 W. Devon Avenue, Office of Senator Ira I. Silverstein

WR 2955 W. Devon Avenue, Rosen's Morseview Pharmacy

3000 Block

WR 3000 W. Devon Avenue, Brisk Academy-Yeshivas Brisk

WR 3021 W. Devon Avenue, Hanna Sacks Bais Yaakov, all-girls high school.

3100 Block

WR 3132 W. Devon Avenue, (Kosher) Dunkin’ Donuts

Lincolnwood (LW) & North Park (NP) Addresses

3500 Block

LW 3520 W. Devon Avenue, Prudential Realty

3800 Block

NP 3849 W. Devon Avenue, Angel Guardian Florist


RPWRHS photo A024-0201 shows John E. Arcand's Graduation from the Angel Guardian School, 2001 W. Devon Avenue, in 1959. The priest and choir boys are not named.

RPWRHS photo L009-0528 shows Arik Marcel's exhibit: "Devon, Then & Now", Friday, July 25, 1980. Location not given.

RPWRHS photo M069-4076 shows Adams family property near Devon Avenue, Monday, April 19, 1909.