Estes, George

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George Estes was Street Commissioner for the Village of Rogers Park, 1879.

George Estes was a partner in the Rogers Park Building and Land Company.

Estes Avenue was named for him.

George Estes, settled in the area in 1869. While living in Keokuk, Iowa, Sheriff Estes held office for 4 terms. During his term in office he hanged four men convicted of riotous incidents involving Mormanism in Naunoo, Illinois where Joseph Smith, Jr. served as both a spiritual and political leader. Estes was related to Robert E. Lee.

After settling in Rogers Park in 1869, Estes became a member of the Rogers Park Building and Land Company in 1873, which was the major developer of the community of Rogers Park. He came to Chicago in 1869, died in 1887, and was buried in Rosehill Cemetery.