Grassfield's on Ridge

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Grassfield's on Ridge, 6666 N. Ridge Avenue previously 3563 N. Ridge Avenue was the Joseph Ebert tavern, Ebert's Grove. The building included some rooms to rent, a store, and the tavern.

Another famous restaurant, Allgauer's on Ridge, was located on this site.

6666 N. Ridge Boulevard was the Pear Garden Restaurant. September 19, 1986.


RPWRHS photo L009-0144 shows a pile of rubble. The sign in the background reads: Pear Garden Restaurant, 6666 N. Ridge Boulevard. September 19, 1986.

RPWRHS photo W002-4419 shows the Joseph Ebert tavern, 3563 N. Ridge Avenue now 6666 N. Ridge Boulevard 1895. The building included rooms to rent, a store and a tavern. Two famous restaurants, Allgauer's Fireside and Grassfield's on Ridge, were located on this site.