Muno, Heinrich

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Heinrich Muno, born 1829, and his brother Peter Muno, born 1817, are descendants of the Damlos, Germany schoolmaster, Johannes Muno and his wife Anna Marie Muno, nee: Anna Marie Claude. Heinrich and Peter married two sisters. They purchased 30 acres of land near Crete, IL. Sadly, they lost them after a few years.

Margaretha Muno, nee: Margaretha Pinck (Pink), was the wife of Heinrich Muno.

Heinrich Muno and his wife Margaretha Muno purchased a half-section of land at Ridge Avenue and (now) Howard Avenue, built a farmhouse at now 7554 N. Ridge Avenue, and farmed for about 10 years. In 1873 he built a three-story building on some land he owned at 805 Davis Street, Evanston and opened a bakery, “Muno Bros. Bakery”, with his sons, Christian Muno, born 1854, (his wife Catherine Matilda Muno nee: Catherine Matilda Britz), who had apprenticed as a baker and Peter, born 1856, as proprietors, with assistance by the entire family. In 1880, Peter died at age 24, Henry’s wife Margaretha Muno and his eldest daughter, Elizabeth Muno, born 1858, died a year later, at age 28. The business now included the youngest son, John A. Muno, born 1866, (his wife Clara M. Muno nee: Clara M. Schiestel), and was expanded into the “high grade ice creams and fruit ices” confectionary business under the name “Muno & Company.”