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One of America's most popular 19th-century styles, the Italianate was derived from the architecture of Italian villas. Chicago architects used the style between the 1860s and 1890s for a wide variety of building types, from houses and small apartment buildings, to institutional structures. Surviving examples can be seen in most community areas developed during the period, although the greatest concentrations can be found in Lincoln Park, the Lower West Side, and West Town.

Common characteristics are:

vertical proportions

tall, rounded windows and doors

stone trim with incised foliated ornament

intricate wood or pressed metal cornices

Chicago Landmarks Historic Resources Survey

Glenwood Avenue

6500 Block

6547 N. Glenwood Avenue

Greenleaf Avenue

1900 Block

1928 W. Greenleaf Avenue

1936 W. Greenleaf Avenue

2000 Block

2007 W. Greenleaf Avenue

Lunt Avenue

1900 Block

1934 W. Lunt Avenue

Ridge Boulevard

6800 Block

6836 N. Ridge Boulevard

7000 Block

7045 N. Ridge Boulevard