Denson, James E.

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The Park Gables was designed by James E. Denson. Denson also designed the Park Castles, Park Manor, and Park Crest--all on the east side of Indian Boundary Park.

An ensemble of Gothic and Tudor Revival courtyard apartment buildings fringe the northern and eastern edges of the park, built in the 1920s to take advantage of the lovely setting. The Park Crest and Park Manor were built in 1925, Park Castles in 1926, and Park Gables in 1927. The four apartment buildings were designed by architect James E. Denson, and were built and managed by developers Gubbins, McDonnell & Blietz, whose intent was to suggest the ambiance of an English country estate.

The original asking prices for the four- to six-room apartments ranged from $4,200 to $12,500. However, following the stock market crash of 1929, many apartments remained unsold and were converted to rentals.