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James Joseph Barbour Soundex Code B616

James Joseph Barbour, lawyer;

born Hartford, Conn., Tuesday, December 28, 1869;

son of: Reverend H. H. and Frances E. Barbour;

education: common and high schools of Newark, N.J., up to 1886, Chicago College of Law, 1889-92;

married: Chicago, Tuesday, September 1, 1891, Lillian Clayton; children: Justin F., Herman H., Elizabeth.

Upon admission to the bar at age of 21, in 1891, James Joseph Barbour became attorney for the Commercial National Bank of Chicago, and continued as such until the death of Henry F. Eames, its president, in 1897. In 1894 associated in law partnership with Joseph A. Sleeper, and so continued until the latter retired from practice; since then has practiced alone. Appointed as Assistant State's Attorney, 1904 by Charles S. Deneen, reappointed by John J. Healy in December, 1904, and was 1st assistant, 1907-8; as prosecutor obtained convictions of Inga Hanson for perjury in her suit against Chicago City Railway for alleged personal injuries; of Dr. Lucy Hagenow, sentenced to 20 yrs. for murder, resulting from illegal operation; assisted in prosecution of officials of Milwaukee Avenue State Bank; conducted trial of Iroquois Theater Fire case at Danville, Illinois; removed Lipsey habeas corpus case to Illinois Supreme Court by certiorari, and obtained decision denying right of habeas corpus writ after conviction affirmed by the Supreme Court. In case of Herman Billik, murder by poisoning, obtained initial decision in U.S. Supreme Court that that court could not hear appeals from orders denying habeas corpus writs except upon certificate of judge that appeal is meritorious; prosecuted first Sunday saloon closing case; during the afternoon of Monday, November 16, 1908, caused arrest, indictment, trial, and sentence for forgery of Peter Van Vlissingen, real estate dealer, guilty of forgeries exceeding $1,000,000; resigned Tuesday, December 1, 1908, to enter private practice. Active during 1909-14, litigation in New York City and Chicago In behalf of Mrs. Mary A. Yerkes, involving her interests in the estate of her late husband, Charles Tyson Yerkes; of counsel for defense in Eastland disaster prosecution in Chicago and Grand Rapids, Michigan (1915-16), obtaining decision absolving boat owners and navigators from blame; organized, and first president Rogers Park National Bank, 1913-15; elected member of the Illinois Senate, 6th Senatorial District, 1916; active in real estate and building operations.


Member and secretary Sons of Connecticut; Member 1st Baptist Church, Evanston; Member Park Lodge, No. 843, A.F. and A.M.; Royal Arcanum, Royal League.

Club: Marquette Club (1905); Evanston Golf Club (1911, 1917).

Office: New York Life Building (1905); Chicago Title & Trust Building, (1911); 5 N. LaSalle Street, (1917)

Residence: 444 Greenleaf Avenue, Rogers Park. (1905) Home: 7622 Sheridan Road, Birchwood Beach. (1910, 1911, 1917)

Book of Chicagoans

Source: Book of Chicagoans, 1905, Book of Chicagoans, 1911, and Book of Chicagoans, 1917. (A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men of the City of Chicago)

Book of the North Shore

The house of James Joseph Barbour, 7622 N. Sheridan Road, is plate 57 in the Book of the North Shore.

Chicago Blue Book

Mr. & Mrs. James Joseph Barbour were listed in the 1894 Chicago Blue Book, page 772. This issue does not list the address of anyone living in Rogers Park.


RPWRHS photo B060-057 shows the residence of James Joseph Barbour at 7622 N. Sheridan Road, circa 1910.