Johann Zender

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Johann Zender (a.k.a., John Zender), born 1814. When the Zender Family emigrated to the U.S., John had remained in Prussia because Prussian military regulations did not allow men aged 17-26 to leave the monarchy without paying a punitive tax.

"Peter Schmidt (actual spelling, Schmitt) came here from Trier, Prussia in 1836. His daughter, Maria Anna Schmitt married early West Ridge settler John Zender.

Peter Schmidt had purchased 200 acres. He and John Zender ran a saloon early. The first house was a blockhouse with a 10-foot stockade...The location of Schmidt's place was at 6665 N. Ridge Boulevard, but note: this was the third house that had been built here."


RPWRHS photo Z001-0103 shows the John Zender family--Three adults and three children. None are identified although it's safe to say the adult man is John Zender.