Ure, John F.

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John Francis Ure, was the son of John Calder Ure, born on May 16, 1870. He founded the Ure Dairy on his father's property, and later donated the right-of-way for Howard Avenue.

John Ure's dairy farm extended east of the Ridge from Rogers Avenue to Howard Avenue and east of Clark Street.

According to the 1895 Chicago Blue Book, (page 247) the northernmost address was: 5138 Clark Street, Mr. & Mrs. John F. Ure

The oldest dairy that serviced Rogers Park and some close by suburbs to the north, was founded by John F. Ure in 1887 at 5138 (now 7527) N. Clark Street and continued in business as such until it was bought out by Bowman Dairy in the early twenties.

John F. Ure was the father of Marjorie Ure.


RPWRHS photo R044-0248 shows the home of John Ure on Birchwood Avenue east of Clark Street. Photo date circa 1870. Exact address not given.