Kirkland, Lloyd G.

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Lloyd G. Kirkland Soundex Code K624

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd G. Kirkland lived at 1065 Chase Avenue, in the 1895 Chicago Blue Book, page 242. This was the first issue to provide addresses of Rogers Park residents.

Attorney Lloyd G. Kirkland was cited in the History of Rogers Park, Document #42

"With the annexation of Rogers Park to Chicago, many improvements were put through. Gas was installed. It was not then supposed that Rogers Park would ever be furnished with electrical current, but it came in about 1895, as well as the telephone system. The first installment was 30 phones. Franklin H. Doland's Subdivision was made in 1889, Birchwood Subdivision in 1890, and the subdivisions all sold out very rapidly by lots and also by blocks, the blocks being purchased by speculators who afterward sold them out lot by lot."

Kirkland was also involved in the "Cabbagehead War." Being a Rogers Parker, he and his supporters were for the proposed North Shore Park District and fought against the Ridge Avenue Park District sought by the West Ridgers.

Chicago Blue Book

Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd G. Kirkland were listed in the 1894 Chicago Blue Book, page 773. This issue does not list the address of anyone living in Rogers Park.

Rogers Park Directory, 1919, page 44

Lloyd G. Kirkland 7445 N. Sheridan Road 1919.