New York State Library School

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New York State Library School Soundex Code S400

New York State Library School, 1887-1967.

The incomplete records of the New York State Library School, Albany, New York, 1890-1911. Included are diploma lists, grade sheets, examination questions, examination questions with corresponding set of students' answers, pass cards, senior certificate lists, an admissions application, entrance examinations, curriculum materials, and some documents for the class of 1890. Also, records of the New York State Library School Association, Incorporated. In addition to letters from such prominent American librarians as Katharine L. Sharp, Joseph Wheeler, Ralph Munn, and James I. Wyer, there are minutes, reports, memoranda, and printed documents, including the Association's constitution. There is a scrapbook of blanks and forms used in the executive departments of U.S. libraries in 1893, mounted by the N.Y. State Library School for the American Library Association World's Columbian Exposition Comparative Library Exhibit (Chicago, 1893). Also, files of the school consisting of course materials, exams, publications of the School, student records, admission files, class lists and rankings, and some related correspondence. 1992 Addition: Administrative records of the school consisting of correspondence, student records, including card files containing the citation of bibliographies and theses submitted by students, as well as "community studies" covering the libraries of various regions of the world. There are also records of the NYSLS Association consisting of correspondence, minutes of meetings, constitution, financial records and a selection of photographs of prominent librarians, 1886-1967.