Schreiber, Nikolaus

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Nikolaus Schreiber, born in 1803, his wife, Katharina Schreiber, nee: Katharina Metzler, born in. 1812, and their 3 surviving children, Johann, born in 1856, Frederick, and Anna Mary Letto nee: Anna Mary Schreiber, emigrated from Mainz, Germany in 1848, and purchased 40 acres of land near Devon Avenue and Green Bay Trail (now Clark Street).

Nikolaus died suddenly on 10/23/1852, just a few months before the birth of his twin sons, Dominick and Michael on 6/18/1853. Raised by their mother and older brother at (now) 6450 Ridge Boulevard, the twins were educated at St. Henry's parish school and eventually took over operation of the family farm.

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