North Shore Park District

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North Shore Park District was formed Thursday, May 10, 1900 and at first was interested only in enhancing the area through boulevard improvements along Sheridan Road, Pratt Boulevard, and Ashland Avenue. By 1905, however, public pressure had prompted the district to consider park development.

The North Shore Park District had one park at the end of Farwell Avenue at Lake Michigan. First called North Shore Park (1909-December 1937), and later Loyola Park (December 1937-present). This street-end beach (and surrounding park land) was officially named on Tuesday, December 21, 1909. It was officially re-named "Loyola Park" on Tuesday, December 7, 1937.

The headquarters for the North Shore Park District was at 1111 W. Farwell Avenue, circa 1928.



1916-1922 Henry Newgard


David Johann Braun


J. Fred McGuire, re-elected each year from Thursday, May 10, 1900, until Tuesday, April 5, 1904, when he resigned because of personal business demanding his entire time.

Board of Commissioners

Albert P. Hawley