Orpheum circuit

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Orpheum Classic movie theaters that currently belong (or previously belonged) to the Orpheum chain

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Name, Location, Status

Adler Theater, Davenport, IA, Open

Cadillac Palace Theater, Chicago, IL, Open

Englewood Theater, Chicago, IL, Closed/Demolished

Grand Theater, Los Angeles, CA, Closed/Demolished

Lincoln-Belmont Theater, Chicago, IL, Closed/Demolished

Lyceum Theater, Los Angeles, CA, Closed/Demolished

Lyric Theater, Vancouver, British Columbia, Closed/Demolished

Mainstreet Theater, Kansas City, MO, Open

Marion Cultural and Civic Center, Marion, IL, Renovating

Morris Performing Arts Center, South Bend, IN, Open

Orpheum Theater, Duluth, MN, Closed

Orpheum Theater, Hannibal, MO, Closed / Renovating / Restoring

Orpheum Theater, Kansas City, MO, Closed/Demolished

Orpheum Theater, New Bedford, MA, Closed / Renovating / Restoring

Orpheum Theater, Orwigsburg, PA, Closed/Demolished

Orpheum Theater, Brooklyn, NY, Closed/Demolished

Orpheum Theater, Foxborough, MA, Open

Orpheum Theater, Kenosha, WI, Closed / Renovating / Restoring

Orpheum Theater, Los Angeles, CA, Open

Orpheum Theater, Memphis, TN, Closed/Demolished

Orpheum Theater, Spokane, WA, Closed/Demolished

Palace Theater, New York, NY, Open

Powell Symphony Hall, St. Louis, MO, Open

President Theater, St. Paul, MN, Closed/Demolished

Promised Valley Playhouse, Salt Lake City, UT, Closed/Demolished

RKO 81st Street Theater, New York, NY, Closed/Demolished

Roxy Theater, Springfield, IL, Closed/Demolished

Seventh Street Theater, Minneapolis, MN, Closed/Demolished

Springfield Little Theater, Springfield, MO, Open

St Charles Theater, New Orleans, LA, Closed/Demolished

State Theater, Fort Madison, IA, Closed/Demolished

State-Lake Theater, Chicago, IL, Closed