Fox, Peter

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Peter Fox (1849-194) was the father nine brothers that owned Peter Fox Brewing Company which brewed Fox Deluxe Beer.

Anthony Fox (1874-1946)

Johannes Leo Fox (1876-1951)

Joseph John Fox (1878-1955)

Frank Gebhard Fox (1879-1960)

Michael Elliot Fox (1882-1955)*

William Joseph Fox (1884-1972)

Engelburtus “Bert” Fox (1886-1968)

Peter Leo Fox (1893-1970)

Johannes Robert Fox (1895-1961)

Peter was the first owner of the house at 2116 W. Pratt Boulevard. He sold the house to Dr. Carl Bergman and his wife Susan in 1954.

  • Harold Williams married Gertrude Fox, daughter of Michael Elliot Fox, and they lived most of their married lives in Rogers Park on Chase Avenue