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Peter Fox Brewing Company

2626 W. Monroe Street


Peter Fox was the son of Harold Fox, one of nine brothers that owned the brewery that made Fox Deluxe Beer. (Harold's home was just south of the Casa Bonita Apartments.)

A popular Chicago brewery that seemed to defy all the problems and ensuing challenges that the local industry as a whole experienced after the relegalization of beer in Chicago was the Peter Fox Brewing Company. After acquiring the old Hoffmann Brothers Brewery on west Monroe Street, reportedly "...from Al Capone..." and issuing $500,000 in common stock, the nine Fox brothers began brewing operations in July of 1933. Originally involved in a wholesale meat operation on Fulton Avenue, they entered the brewing business with a financial advantage that would be the envy of any start up operation--no debt or preferred stock. Within a year, they began to pay dividends on outstanding shares of common stock and contemplated further acquisitions.

In early 1942, the Chicago-based brewery bought the Kiley Brewing Company in Marion, Indiana, a brewery that had entered the Chicago market in the mid-1930s but had pulled out around 1939. The Indiana brewery, now known as Fox De Luxe Brewing Company of Indiana, was the third part of the brewery empire which would be owned and operated by the enterprising Fox brothers. Shortly before the Indiana acquisition, the family had also bought a well-equipped brewery in Grand Rapids, Michigan (1941-1951) to boost their capacity, bringing up their annual combined total barrelage to 1,000,000. In 1944, the Peter Fox Breweries ranked thirteenth out of the twenty-five leading breweries in the United States, beating out the sales of Miller Brewing Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin which ranked sixteenth.

The golden touch of the brothers continued throughout the war years when the Chicago headquarters announced a four-for-one split of their common stock in 1944, selling at the time for $95.50 per share. Satisfied shareholders of the brewery's common stock surely agreed with the brewery's famous slogan "Don't say Fox...Say Fox DEEE Luxe!"


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