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Peter Muno, born 1817, and his brother Heinrich Muno, born 1829, are descendants of the Damlos, Germany schoolmaster, Johannes Muno and his wife Anna Marie Muno, nee: Anna Marie Claude. Heinrich and Peter were married to sisters. They purchased 30 acres of land near Crete, IL. Sadly, they lost them after a few years.

Peter Muno came to the U.S. with his wife, Anna Maria Muno nee: Anna Maria Pinck (Pink), and their 10-year old son, Henry, from Germany to what would become Rogers Park with Peter Phillip in 1842.

When they arrived in the area, Philip McGregor Rogers owned all of the land from Kedzie to Lake Michigan and from Pratt to Touhy. Muno was able to purchase 40 acres of land north of Touhy, from Western to Kedzie, and Peter Phillip bought 60 acres to the north of Touhy from Ridge to Western.

Peter Muno, his wife and their family, moved to Ridgeville, and after working as a laborer on other farms, bought 40 acres of land and built a home on (now)Florence Ave., Evanston. Their elder son, Johannes Muno (a.k.a. John Muno), born 1847, and his wife Florian Muno, nee: Florian Klas, second son, Carl Muno, born 1850, and his wife Elizabeth Muno (daughter of Johannes Muno and Elizabeth Scherer Muno).

By the time Peter Muno was established as a successful farmer, he owned 80 acres. A patient and hard-working man, he built his house at 4113 N. Ridge Avenue (later 7504 N. Ridge Avenue), cleared his land, and soon had most of it under cultivation. As his son, Henry, grew, he helped with the chores. During the first years that Peter Muno occupied the farmhouse, the region was known as Ridgeville.

Peter Muno was also the father of three daughters.

Peter helped to found St. Henry's Roman Catholic Church at Ridge Boulevard and Devon Avenue. He's buried in St. Henry's Cemetery.

Most of the other people (above) are also interred in St. Henry's Cemetery.


RPWRHS photo C043-25904 shows the Peter Muno house, which was built in the early 1840s at 4113 N. Ridge Avenue (later 7504 N. Ridge Boulevard). It stood on this site for more than 120 years. Photo dated 1958.

RPWRHS photo O015-0001 shows Peter Muno Farmhouse - taken from book Old Chicago Houses. Address by old (pre-1913) street numbering system was 4113 N. Ridge Avenue. The new (1913) street numbering system makes this address now 7504 N. Ridge Boulevard.

RPWRHS photo W002-38711 shows the Peter Muno Farmhouse - later Joseph Winkin home. Address by old street numbering system (before 1913) was 4113 N. Ridge Avenue. The new street numbering system (1913) makes this address now 7504 N. Ridge Boulevard. No date given.

RPWRHS photo S013-0212 shows the headstone for Peter Muno in St. Henry's Cemetery.