Weimeschkirch, Peter

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Peter Weimeschkirch ran an undertaking and his brother ran the livery business, circa 1900, at 4861 N. Clark Street (later 7066 N. Clark Street).

The undertaking establishment of Peter Weimeschkirch also constituted the Rogers Park Morgue, was partially destroyed during the Great Rogers Park Fire. The undertaker found time to save most of his stock. His residence was also saved.

Peter Weimeschkirch born in 1851, opened his undertaking business in 1888 at (now) 7066 N. Clark Street. His brother, Nicholas, born in 1859, ran the affiliated livery service garaged around the corner at (now) 1776 W. Estes Avenue. The original frame buildings were destroyed in the fire and soon rebuilt in masonry. This family business was in continuous operation for a hundred years.

Peter's wife was, Elizabeth M., and was born in 1862 are interred in St. Henry's Cemetery.

Discrepancy in street numbers.


RPWRHS photo B042-005 shows the inside of an unidentified butcher shop. The unfortunate caption states that this is the Weimeskirsch Funeral Home. This caption is incorrect and embarassing.

RPWRHS photo W003-30797 shows Peter Weimeschkirch - Undertaker, at 4862 N. Clark Street now 7066 N. Clark Street. Photo 1888.