Rogers Park Building and Land Company

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The company formed to subdivide the estate of the late Philip McGregor Rogers. Partners included:

George Estes.

John Villiers Farwell.

Luther Greenleaf.

Issac R. Hitt.

Andrew B. Jackson

Stephen Purrington Lunt.

Charles H. Morse.

Paul and George Pratt.

Patrick Leonard Touhy.

The company built sidewalks on Greenleaf Avenue from Clark Street to Paulina Street in 1873, as well as a small, 12-in. tile sewer line on Touhy Avenue from Paulina Street to Lake Michigan.

The company sold lots and induced the purchasers to build on them.

on September 10, 1872, the company purchased the area bounded by Touhy Avenue, Pratt Boulevard, Ridge Boulevard, and Ashland Avenue.