Rogers Park Directory

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Rogers Park Directory, 1919

The Rogers Park Directory


Hugh C. Frisbee, Publisher.

Rogers Park Directory, publisher, Hugh C. Frisbee, December 1919, 7005 N. Clark Street.

On the regular distribution one copy is mailed to each residence and each business house in Rogers Park free of charge. Contains names, addresses, and telephone numbers of every residence and business home in Rogers Park.

HistoryWiki NOTE: Phone numbers omitted.



Because the pages in the front part of the book contained ONLY ads, these pages will start from the cover and go to the first page of the directory and will be numbered and these numbers will be indicated with "AD". Page numbers within the directory will simply follow the page numbering used in the directory.

Listings of People and Businesses



Walter S. Aagaard, Jr., page 2.


Robert E. Abbott, page 2.

Harry Abel, page 2.

John Abel, page 2.

Mrs. Louise Abel, page 2.

August Abele, page 2.

Leo Ables, page 2.

Wilbur K. Abernathy, page 2.

Herbert Abraham, page 2.

S. Abrahamson, page 2.

Abram Brothers, page 2.

Max Abram, page 2.

Leo Abrams, page 2.


Adolph E. Acker, page 2.

Harry E. Ackerberg, Jr., page 2.

Robert E. Ackerberg, page 2.

Acropolis Candy Kitchen, page 2.

Claude E. Adair, page 2.

Earl W. Adair, page 2.

Leonard Adam, page 2.

Charles C. Adams, page 2.

D.K. Adams, page 2.

Edward D. Adams, page 2.

Milton A. Adams, page 2.

R.F. Adams, page 2.

W.H.H. Adams, page 2.

Wyman Adams, page 2.

Earl E. Adcock, page 2.

Cecil O. Addison, page 2.

Mrs. Minnie Adelhelm, page 2.

Adelphi Lunch Company, page 2.

Adelphi Theater, page 2.

Adelphia Fruit & Vegetable Store, page 2.

Emil Adler, page 2.

John Adler, page 2.

Joseph Adler, page 2.


Aero Rubber Company, page 2.


Edward W. Agnew, page 2.


Michael J. Ahern, page 2.

A.F. Ahrens, page 2.


Edward Aiken, page 2.

Robert T. Aiston, page 3.


Nils Akeson, page 3.

Sven J. Akeson Bakery, page 3.


Charles S. Alabeck, page 3.

Emil A. Albrecht, page 3.

Sam Albrecht, page 3.

Charles E. Albright, page 3.

E.V. Aldridge, page 3.

G. Alexakos, page 3.

Dr. Harriet C.B. Alexander, page 3.

William K. Algire, page 3.

A.A. Allen, page 3.

A.P. Allen, page 3.

Frank Allen, page 3.

Frank Allen 2, page 3.

George B. Allen, page 3.

Mrs. George Q. Allen, page 3.

H.C. Allen, Jr., page 3.

Henry R. Allen, page 3.

J.G. Allen, page 3.

M. Aller, page 3.

Breit Alois, page 3.

John R. Alpine, page 3.

C.B. Alsfasser, page 3.

George A. Alsop, page 3.

Carl J. Alsterlund, page 3.

Frank H. Alt, page 3.

Julius Altman, page 3.

Fred W. Alwart, page 3.

F.L. Alyea, page 3.


Andrew B. Amann, page 4.

Mrs. S.E. Ament, page 4.

American Cleaning & Dyeing Works, page 4.

American Dri Kure Tire Company, page 4.

American Lock Company, page 4.

Frank A. Amerman, page 4.

F.E. Amick, page 4.


O.M. Anda, page 4.

Alfred G. Andersen, page 4.

Charles Andersen, page 4.

Mrs. E.J. Andersen, page 4.

Olga Andersen, page 4.

William R. Andersen, page 4.

Arthur H. Anderson, page 4.

Arthur L. Anderson, page 4.

Arthur M. Anderson, page 4.

Arthur W. Anderson, page 4.

Dr. August Anderson, page 4.

Mrs. Augusta Anderson, page 4.

A.W. Anderson, page 4.

Ben H. Anderson, page 4.

Charles A. Anderson, page 4.

Charles A. Anderson 2, page 4.

Sister, Christina Anderson, CS, page 4.

Earle C. Anderson, page 4.

E.E. Anderson, page 4.

E.V. Anderson, page 4.

Mrs. E.W. Anderson, page 4.

F. Alpin Anderson, page 4.

Frank E. Anderson, page 4.

Frank Leslie Anderson, page 4.

Frank T. Anderson, page 4.

Gaylor Willis Anderson, page 4.

George Anderson, page 4.

George W. Anderson

Harold Anderson, bakery, page 4.

Mrs. Harold W. Anderson, page 4.

Mrs. Hulda A. Anderson, page 4.

J.A. Anderson, page 4.

James T. Anderson, page 4.

John Anderson, page 4.

John A. Anderson, page 4.

John A. Anderson 2, page 4.

John C. Anderson, page 4.

John L. Anderson, page 4.

Lars Anderson, page 4.

L.C. Anderson, page 4.

Leonard Anderson, page 4.

Martin Anderson, page 4.

McGregor S. Anderson, page 4.

Reverend Martin E. Anderson, page 4.

Oscar Anderson, page 4.

Peter Anderson, page 4.

Rose Anderson, page 4.

Samuel H. Anderson, page 4.

Sidney C. Anderson, page 4.

William Albert Anderson, page 4.

William R. Anderson, dry goods, page 4.

Anderson & Rasmussen, page 4.

Anderson & Waldenstrom, Delicatessen, page 4.

Edward W. Andresen, page 4.

F.E. Andrews, page 4.

H.M. Andrews, page 4.

J.R. Andrews, page 4.

Angel Guardian Florist, page 4.

Angel Guardian Orphanage, page 4.

Angel Guardian Press, page 4.

E.W. Anger, page 4.

Mrs. F.R. Anglemeir, page 5.

Arthur C. Angove, page 5.

Arthur C. Angove, Jr., page 5.

Peter J. Angsten, page 5.

John P. Annen, page 5.

F. Annibale, page 5.

S.S. Annoreno, page 5.

Alice L. Antes, page 5.


Fred A. Appel, page 5.

George Appel, D.D.S., page 5.

Henry M. Applegate, page 5.

G.C. Appelt, page 5.


Mrs. John Arbuckle, page 5.

H.N. Arbuthnot, page 5.

H. Teller Archibald, page 5.

Melinda Arcouet, page 5.

William Arens, page 5.

Mrs. A.M. Arl, page 5.

Elmer L. Arminger, page 5.

Albert T. Armstrong, page 5.

Alvin R. Armstrong, page 5.

Edward E. Armstrong, page 5.

G.W. Armstrong, page 5.

Howard J. Armstrong, page 5.

John C. Armstrong, page 5.

M.A. Armstrong, page 5.

Samuel Armstrong, page 5.

Ted Armstrong, page 5.

William Armstrong, page 5.

August W. Arndt, page 5

A.H. Arnold, page 5.

Arthur Chester Arnold, page 5.

Anthony J. Arnold, page 5.

Lynn S. Arnold, page 5.

Mrs. Margaret R.R. Arnold, page 5.

M.R. Arnold, page 5.

Mrs. Theodore Arnold, page 5.

John Arns, page 5.

Charles R. Arries, page 5.

P.M. Arthur, page 5.


Theodore Van R. Ashcroft, page 5.

Edward Ashenden, page 5.

Edward H. Ashenden, page 5.

John W. Ashenden, page 5.

Mrs. Mary Ascher, page 5.

Ashland Tailors, The, page 5.

John Askounis, page 5.

John C. Aspley, page 5.

David N.C. Astenius, page 5.

Charles A. Asterlin, page 5.


Albert C. Atherton, page 5.

John R. Atkins, page 5.

Moses D. Atkins, page 5.

Anna Atterbury, page 5.

LaMott Atwood, page 5.


John M. Aubart, page 5.

J.T. Aubrey, page 5.

Charles S. Austin, page 5.

C.G. Austin, page 5.

M.E. Austin, page 5.

Auto Repair and Machine Shop, page 5.

Aaron O. Auten, page 5.


A. Avery, page 5.

David Avery, page 5.

William Avery, page 5.

Hans P. Avildsen, page 5.

Reta L. Ayers, CS, page 5.

Louis P. Avildsen, page 5.


I.B. Aylesworth, page 5.

Edward J. Aylward, page 5.

Walter J. Aylward, page 5.

G.E. Ayrscott, page 5.


Mrs. H.B. Aznoe, page 5.



J. Raymond Babb, page 5.

Cornelius H. Babbe, page 5.

Emil Bach, page 5.

Frank A. Babbitt, page 5.

H. Ame Babcock, page 5.

Fred B. Bach, page 5.

E.V. Bacharach, page 5.

Joseph Lloyd Bache, page 5.

Mary Bachmann, page 5.

Paul G. Bachmann, page 6.

Samuel Backstrom, page 6.

E.J. Backus, Drugs, page 6.

C.C. Bacon, page 6.

William Nathan Bacon, page 6.

Gilbert J. Badger, page 6.

Eddy L. Badgley, page 6.

Louis E. Badgley, page 6.

Frank Baer, page 6.

Herbert O. Baetzner, page 6.

Donald J. Bagnell, page 6.

Marie Baier, Gowns, page 6.

Alfred J. Baily, page 6.

Frank M. Baily, page 6.

James B. Baily, page 6.

Lee A. Baily, page 6.

S.C. Bailey, page 6.

Gilbert J. Baillargeon, Jr., page 6.

Ralph E. Bain, page 6.

Clyde H. Bair, page 6.

William G. Baird, page 6.

Bake-Rite Shop, page 6.

C.A. Baker, page 6.

E.G. Baker, D.D.S., page 6.

E.H. Baker, M.D., page 6.

Finley Baker, page 6.

F.T. Baker, page 6.

George Baker, page 6.

Horace S. Baker, page 6.

Thomas H. Baker, page 6.

Charles F. Balch, page 6.

S.A. Baldus, page 6.

Harry G. Baldwin, page 6.

Louis C. Baldwin, page 6.

Ralph L. Baldwin, page 6.

James S. Baley, page 6.

Thomas Ball, florist, page 6.

Robert W. Ballentine, page 6.

W.E. Balsinger, M.D., page 6.

Mrs. Grace O. Barrett, page 7.

Robert Barrett, page 7.

John Thomas Barron, page 7.

L.A. Barron, page 7.

Giles A. Barrus, page 7.

Hannah Barry, page 7.

Henry A. Barry, page 7.

John J. Barry, page 7.

R.H. Barry, page 7.

S.J. Barry, page 7.

Walter Bartels, page 7.

Charles E. Bartenbach, page 7.

Alfred F. Barter, page 7.

S.H. Barter, page 7.

N.C. Barthody, page 7.

A.L. Bartholomew, M.D., page 7.

Marguerite Bartholomew, page 7.

Duane C. Bartlett, page 7.

Edith Goodland Bartlett, page 7.

E.T. Bartlett, page 7.

Kathryn Bartlett, page 7.

Frank D. Bartlett, page 7.

Mrs. Margaret L. Bartlett, page 7.

S.C. Bartlett, page 7.

Louis Charles Bartling, page 7.

William H. Bartmus, page 7.

Mrs. Alice Barton, page 7.

Harry H. Bascom, page 7.

Mrs. Ellen C. Bassett, page 7.

John F. Bassett, page 7.

George F. Batchelder, page 7.

Joseph A. Bates, page 7.

Roy S. Bates, page 7.

A.A. Bauer Meats, page 7.

Frank Bauer, page 7.

George J. Bauer, page 7.

Paul Bauer, page 7.

Edward Baum, page 7.

Gustav M. Baum, page 7.

H.G. Baum, page 7.

A.C. Bauman, page 7.

Frederick E. Baumann, page 7.

F.W. Baumann, page 7.

B.J. Baumer, page 7.

Gustave H. Baumer, page 7.

Armin Baur, D.D.S., page 7.

R.A. Bautz, page 7.

E.E. Bavington, page 7.

James P. Baxter, page 7.

William H. Baxter, page 7.

J. Christian Bay, page 7.

Lovell Bay, page 7.

John S. Bayes, page 7.


A.B. Beach, page 7.

Mrs. Clara Beach, page 7.

Horace M. Beach, page 7.

Hugh J. Beach, page 7.

Theodore L. Beach, page 7.

Thomas H. Beacom, page 7.

Francis C. Beal, page 7.

Arthur M. Bean, D.D.S., page 7.

Mrs. Louise Bean, page 7.

Oliver L. Bear, page 7.

George H. Beard, page 7.

Kenneth P. Beardslee, page 7.

Arthur Lehman Beardsley, page 7.

Matthew Beaton, page 7.

John M. Beatty, page 7.

Mrs. M.E. Beatty, page 7.

T.H. Beatty, page 7.

George H. Beaudin, page 7.

James Beaumont, page 7.

Mrs. Anna Beccavin, page 7.

L.H. Becherer, page 7.

Charles J. Beck, page 7.

Gustav L. Beck, page 7.

Miss Irene Beck, page 7.

L.E. Beck, Hardware, page 7.

Milton Beck, page 7.

Mrs. O.R. Beck, page 7.

A.B. Becker, page 7.

Becker Box Company, page 8.

Elmer D. Becker, page 8.

Ernest C. Becker, page 8.

Frederick Jacob Becker, page 8.

George H. Becker, page 8.

H.J. Becker, page 8.

H.T. Becker, page 8.

Henry R. Becker, page 8.

J.A. Becker, page 8.

John S. Becker, page 8.

Ray Becker, page 8.

John Beckerich, page 8.

Fred Becklenberg, page 8.

Orion W. Beckwith, page 8.

John Becque, page 8.

Anna E. Bectin, page 8.

Garnet A. Bedell, page 8.

John Bee, page 8.

Christopher K. Beebe, page 8.

L.H. Beeler, page 8.

William G. Begg, page 8.

Mrs. Elizabeth Behan, page 8.

Ernest H. Behmer, page 8.

H.C. Behnke, page 8.

E. Theodore Behr, page 8.

John W. Behr, page 8.

Herman Behrens, page 8.

L.E. Behrens, page 8.

Otto Beich, page 8.

S.C. Beiner, page 8.

J.E. Belden, page 8.

John S. Belden, page 8.

Charles J. Bell, page 8.

Harry J. Bell, page 8.

Henry C. Bell, page 8.

Lionel A. Bell, page 8.

Miss Olivia Bell, page 8.

William Bellinghausen, page 8.

Edwin Bellows, page 8.

H.H. Bellows, page 8.

Beloian Brothers, page 8.

Fred R. Belt, page 8.

Aaan E. Beltin first name might be a typo in the Rogers Park Directory, 1919, page 8.

Edward C. Beltz, page 8.

Frederick O. Bemm, page 8.

Albert Benbrook, page 8.

Monroe Benbrook, page 8.

Frank M. Bender, page 8.

Reverend John Bendix, page 8.

Hattie Benedict, page 8.

Phillip V. Benedict, page 8.

Benedictine Sisters of Chicago Academy, page 8.

L. Benjamin, page 8.

Charles E. Bennett, page 8.

Charles E. Bennett 2, page 8.

Charles F. Bennett, page 8.

Clark L. Bennett, page 8.

Frank Ryerson Bennett, page 8.

George R. Bennett, page 8.

Harry M. Bennett, page 8.

Mrs. Josephine Bennett, page 8.

Edmund J. Benning, page 8.

D. Benninghoven, page 8.

B.A. Benson, page 8.

C.H. Benson, page 8.

J.J. Benson, page 8.

Mary A. Benson, page8.

Mrs. Samuel Benson, page 8.

John V. Benton, page 8.

W.G.G. Benway, page 8.

Paul B. Benz, page 8.

Joseph Benzion, page 8.

George Beranek, page 8.

John Berens Tailor, page 8.

Edward Berger, page 8.

Max Berger, page 8.

Mrs. Dagmar Bergersen, Millinery, page 9.

Joseph S. Bergfors, Auto Repairing, page 9.

Michael J. Bergin, page 9.

Carl E. Berglund, page 9.

Henry T. Berglund, page 9.

Albert J. Bergman, page 9.

L.H. Bergman, page 9.

Charles E. Bergmann, page 9.

Mrs. Otto C. Bergmann, page 9.

Martin Beringer, page 9.

Emanuel Berkenstadt, page 9.

Louis S. Berlin, page 9.

Gustav Berls, page 9.

H.J. Berman, page 9.

Herbert V. Bernard, page 9.

W.J. Bemauer, page 9.

Charles J. Berndt, page 9.

Albert J. Bernhard, page 9.

L.W. Bernhard, page 9.

J. Bernheim, page 9.

John Bernritter, page 9.

A.E. Bernstein, page 9.

Jacob Bernstein, page 9.

Simon L. Bernstein, page 9.

Sol M. Bernstein, page 9.

L.A. Beroth, page 9.

James J. Berry, page 9.

L.S. Berry, page 9.

Thomas W. Berry, page 9.

R.E. Berryman, page 9.

M. Bertemez, page 9.

Edward E. Berthold, page 9.

George F. Berthold, page 9.

Gustav W. Berthold, page 9.

S.A. Bertrand, page 9.

Edwin E. Besser, Jr., page 9.

Jacob Best, page 9.

P.B. Betsiaras, page 9.

Warren M. Bettes, page 9.

J.A. Betts, page 9.

M.J. Betz, page 9.

Theodore Betz Mens Furnishings, page 9.

J.F. Beuret, page 9.

A. Beutler, page 9.

Gustav Beyerau, page 9.


Harry B. Bibb, page 9.

James R. Bibbins, page 9.

William B. Bickford, page 9.

Axel J. Bidstrup, page 9.

Miss Bertha Bieberitz, page 9.

John C. Biegler, page 9.

J. Bierchen, page 9.

Walter A. Birmingham, page 9.


Carlson, Williams & Company, AD, Inside Front Cover.



Eagle Cleaning & Dyeing Company, 5 locations, AD, page 2.


H.C. Frisbee & Company, edge of page 2.



John Holm, Shoe Store, 7002 N. Clark Street, AD, Page 2.



Jorjorian & Company, 1341 W. Morse Avenue, right page 7.



Rasmus Larsen, Jeweler, AD, page 1.



Nelson & Hawkins, AD, Inside Front Cover, 1919.

Nelson Brothers, AD, Inside Front Cover, 1919.


C.M. O'Connor, page 9.




Rogers Park Tin Shop, AD, Spine, 1919.









Listings of Ads



Beloian Brothers, 6161 Broadway, right edge, page 5.


Carlson, Williams & Company, AD, Inside Front Cover.

Chicago Chemical Carpet Cleaning Company, AD, Bottom of page 9.



Eagle Cleaning & Dyeing Company, 5 locations, AD, page 2.

J.N. Elisius, Rogers Park Directory, 1919, Ad: Bottom page 7.


H.C. Frisbee & Company left edge of page 2, 4, 6, 8.


Mansel B. Green, piano tuner, top, page 5.


Hoest & Wright Funeral Directors, bottom, page 4.



John Holm, AD, page 2.



Lake View Cycle Company, AD, page 1. (Lakeview)

Rasmus Larsen, Jeweler, AD, page 1.

Linn Brothers, Funeral Directors, AD, bottom of page 6.


Manasian & Son, AD top of page 7.


Nelson & Hawkins, AD, Inside Front Cover, 1919.

Nelson Brothers, AD, Inside Front Cover, 1919.



Phillip State Bank and Trust Company, top of page 6.



Reichardt Music Shop, page 2.

Rogers Park Tin Shop, AD, Spine, 1919.


N.C. Safford, Piano Tuner and Repairer, 1738 W. Jarvis Avenue, AD, bottom page 5.

Silver Beach Motor Sales, page 3.



Ullrich Plumbing & Heating Company, AD, front cover, 1919.



Wayne Supply Company, AD, top of page 9.

Weimeskirch & Son Undertakers, AD, top of page 8.