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Schreiber Avenue Soundex Code S616

6432 N., from 1500 W. to 7144 W. This street is in Rogers Park from Ravenswood Avenue east to Greenview Avenue - ONLY

The Chicago City Council passed a lengthy ordinance January 14, 1895, rationalizing the street naming system. Schreiber Avenue addresses at that time went as far west as 642 = 1740. So any addresses east of this point may require conversion.

In 1897, twin brothers Dominick Schreiber and Michael Schreiber, were real estate speculators who subdivided an area between Ravenswood Avenue and Clark Street, north of Devon Avenue. Schreiber Avenue runs through this subdivision.

As late as 1870, there were fewer than ten families living west of Ridge Avenuein what is now the southwestern portion of Rogers Park. Among these were the Schreibers. Nicholas Schreiber and his wife, Katherine Schreiber, arrived from Mainz, Germany in 1848, and purchased 40 acres of land near Devon Avenue and Green Bay Trail (now Clark Street). Nicholas died suddenly just a few months before the birth of his twin sons, Dominick and Michael. Raised by their mother and an older brother, the twins eventually took control of the family farm. They expanded their holdings to 160 acres, and engaged in truck farming. Dominick built greenhouses on the land, and found success in the floral business. In 1877, he built a two-story frame house on Ridge Avenue, near his boyhood home. Twenty years later, the brothers subdivided their land; Schreiber Avenue runs through their former farmstead.

Chicago Blue Book

This street is NOT listed in the 1895, 1897, 1898, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904 Chicago Blue Book.

Rogers Park Addresses

1600 Block

1622 W. Schreiber Avenue, Christ N. Davlantes, 1919.