Seeley Avenue

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Seeley Avenue Soundex Code S400

2032 W. from 7546 N. to 10773 S. This street is in BOTH, Rogers Park and West Ridge

The City Council passed a lengthy ordinance January 14, 1895, rationalizing the street naming system. The addresses on Seeley did not extend far enough north to enter Rogers Park or West Ridge. So no addresses on Seeley will require conversion.

In 1879, Admiral Amos S. Seeley developed the land in the area bounded by Madison Street, Monroe Street, Hoyne Avenue, and Seeley Avenue.

Bell Avenue, 9500 S. to 9900 S. Seeley Avenue.

Chicago Blue Book

This street is NOT listed in the 1895, 1897, 1898, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904 Chicago Blue Book.

Rogers Park Addresses

7400 Block

7461 N. Seeley Avenue, Charles B. Mack, 1919.

7463 N. Seeley Avenue, N.J. Evans, 1919.

7463 N. Seeley Avenue, R.E. Mcllrath, 1919.

7465 N. Seeley Avenue, M.A. Erickson, 1919.

7465 N. Seeley Avenue, H.J. Lanferman, 1919.

7500 Block

7501 N. Seeley Avenue, A.P. Allen, 1919.

7501 N. Seeley Avenue, Mrs. Elva L.A. McNamara, 1919.

7507 N. Seeley Avenue, H.E. Faulkner, 1919.

7507 N. Seeley Avenue, Vance C. Hall, 1919.

7507 N. Seeley Avenue, Mrs. F. Marko, 1919.

7509 N. Seeley Avenue, Mrs. A. Gosstrom, 1919.

7600 Block

7456 N. Seeley Avenue, Alois A. Breit Greenhouse, 1919.

West Ridge Addresses

6400 Block

6448 N. Seeley Avenue, Masjid-e-Tahoora