Soundex Code H400

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Soundex Code H400


George Ellery Hale

Joseph H. Hale


A.L. Hall

Hall, Albert

Andrew A. Hall

Hall, Benjamin

Hall, Charles

Charles C. Hall

Miss Hall, Emily

Miss Hall, Eleanor R.

Frank G. Hall

Fred D. Hall

G. Kenneth Hall

Ida W. Hall

J. S. Hall

Mrs. Hall, J. Sherman

Mrs. Hall, Jemima

Miles J. Hall

Norman H. Hall

Miss Hall, Peggy

Miss Hall, Rita

Vance C. Hall

William A. Hall

William H. Hall, Jr.

Bachelor Hall

Chamberlain Hall

Douglas Hall

Dumbach Hall

Ferguson's Hall

Jones Hall

Masonic Hall

Mechanic's Hall

Michael Cudahy Science Hall

Northland Hall

Odd Fellows Hall

Orchestra Hall

Palace Music Hall

Phoenix Hall

Robert Hall Men's Clothing Store

Piper Hall

Rogers Park Village Hall

Thomas A. Hall & Company

U.S. Music Hall

Hall & Ellis, Real Estate

Hall of Fame

The Baseball Hall of Fame


Hawley, Albert P.

Hawley, Albert Thearle

Alex Hawley

Mrs. Hawley, Dora H.

Miss Hawley, Doris

Miss Hawley, Hazel May

Miss Hawley, Imogene

James M. Hawley

Miss Hawley, Janette

Miss Hawley, Nellie E.

Hawley, Orange Foote

Mrs. Hawley, Susan H.


Ethel Veronica Healy

Healy, George Peter Alexander

Mrs. Healy, Helen S.

Healy, James H.

Healy, Jeannie

Healy, Jennie

John C. Healy

Healy, John J.

Mr. & Mrs. Healy, John L.

Healy, Lieutenant

Mamie Healy

Healy, Mary

Healy, Maurice J.

Mrs. Healy, N.C.


Mrs. Cornelia Dyer Heile


A.B. Hill, Jr.

Mrs. Hill, A.C.,

Hill, A.E.

Arthur E. Hill

Arthur W. Hill

Hill, Beatrice

Hill, Betty

Hill, Boyd

Mr. & Mrs. Hill, Claude C.

Mrs. Hill, C.D.

Hill, Edwin

Fred C. Hill

Fred G. Hill

Henry Hill

Miss Hill, Henrietta Curtis

Mrs. Hill, Ida E.

Hill, Isaac

Hill, James Madison

Hill, John W.

John W. Hill 2

Hill, John Wilson

Hill, Joseph W.

Hill, Lysander

O.H. Hill

Mrs. Hill, Robert

Mrs. Hill, Rose A.

Rowland B. Hill

Hill, Roy Wilson

Mrs. Hill, Sarah A.

Hill, Victor

W. Hill

Hill Street


Holly Theatre


Holy Family Parish

Holy Name Cathedral

Holy Sepulcher Cemetery

Holy Writ


J.L. Houle


Abby Howell

E.G. Howell

Edward J. Howell

Mr. & Mrs. Howell Phelps


Joseph M. Hoyle


Harris W. Huehl


Mrs. Reverend Hull, Adolf

Reverend Hull, Charles T.

Miss Charlotte Law Hull

Hull, Edna Olivia

Hull, May Blossom